Argox OS214 Plus Flashing LED Error

The different causes explained that can cause your OS214 Plus to have flashing LED error.

Flashing LED Error

Power and Ready LED flash alternately shows ribbon error

  • Ribbon is finished – replace the ribbon
  • Ribbon jam – open the print mechanism and check that the ribbon is free to move
  • The ribbon core is not correctly installed causing the ribbon to move but not turning the left Ribbon Supply Holder. The sensor will then not detect that the ribbon is moving.
  • Using the printer in Direct Thermal mode without setting the driver to Direct Thermal Print Method. Instructions for changing the Print Method.

Power and Ready LED Flash Together shows label error

Flashing LED Error where both the ready and power led flash on and off at the same time it indicates a label error.

  • The roll of label is finished – replace the label roll
  • The media sensor cannot detect the gap between the labels. Check that the labels are correctly following the label path
  • Media sensor is dirty – clean the media sensor with a soft brush or blow any dirt from it.
  • There is a label jam inside the printer.
  • Using continuous label with no gap – set the media type in the driver. Instructions on how to change the media type.

Only the Power LED Flashes

When the power led flashers but the ready led stays steady it normally indicates a hardware problem or failure.

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