Argox printer ribbon snapping or breaking

The ribbon snapping on the Argox barcode printers normally occurs on the industrial type printers like the X1000V, X2000V, X2300, iX4.

Here are a few things that could cause the ribbon snapping while printing.

  1. Heat or Darkness settings too high
  2. Incorrect or bad quality ribbon
  3. Ribbon supply spindle adjusted too tight
  4. Ribbon pick up spindle adjusted too tight

Heat or darkness setting too high

Locate the darkness settings in the driver of the printer and set to the default of 8. If the problem still persists, slide the slider to 6 and try again. If the ribbon still snaps then the problem is not with these settings. To get to the above settings see this article.

Adjusting the ribbon supply spindle and pick up spindle

ribbon snapping
Supply and take up spindle

Ribbon supply spindle

If the ribbon supply spindle (Spindle that the new unused ribbon is being unwound from) is adjusted too tight it puts tension on the ribbon and it will snap.

Adjust by turning the green knob counter-clockwise on the supply spindle until the ribbon can feed with less tension. Try printing again and see if the problem is resolved.

Ribbon pickup spindle

If the pickup spindle is adjusted too tight it can also causes the ribbon to snap. There can also be a loud “cluck” sound caused by being adjusted too tight. As the roll of ribbon being wound up gets larger, the sound and ribbon snapping gets worse.

Once again adjust by turning the green knob counter-clockwise on the pickup spindle until the tension on the ribbon becomes less. Print again and see if the problem is resolved.

Ribbon snapping problem persists

If the above has not resolved the problem contact JNS Technologies for further help.

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