How to print Barcode Labels and Stickers

I often get asked what is the best way or method to print barcode labels or stickers.

You might need these labels with barcodes to stick on your products, documents or shelves. It becomes more cost effective to purchase a barcode label printer if you continuously need printed labels.

What you will need to print barcode labels

  • A Barcode Label Printer
  • Blank Rolls of Label
  • Ribbon for the Printer (If you need long lasting printed labels)
  • Software to run on your PC which enables you to design labels with text, simple graphics and barcodes.

Barcode Label Printer

Print barcode labels with Argox
Argox OS214Plus

There are quite a few different models of printers available, from low cost Entry Level to Industrial Strength high volume printers.

If you are going to print about 200 labels a day then a Barcode Printer like the Argox OS214Plus will be ideal. The printer can be used to print with a ribbon which is known as Thermal Transfer or without a ribbon which is known as Direct Thermal.

Thermal Transfer using Ribbon

If you want a printed label that lasts a long time and is durable then its advisable to use a ribbon to print the labels.

Direct Thermal using Thermal Paper Labels

When you need printed labels that only need to last a few months you can use the Direct Thermal print method. These printed labels scuff easily and are affected by moisture and heat.

The paper labels you purchase need to be special Thermal Paper.

Rolls of Blank Labels

The labels needed for the barcode label printers come in rolls and the size depends on the model printer you are looking at purchasing.

These rolls of label need to be purchased from Label Suppliers.

Thermal Ribbons

The ribbons get used when you want the long lasting durable printed labels. The ribbons come in various lengths and widths to fit into the barcode printers.

Ribbons come in 3 different materials – Wax, Wax/Resin or Resin. The label supplier should be able to tell you which ribbon will work best on the type of label you will be purchasing.

The ribbons are not expensive. The cost of the Wax ribbon for the Argox OS214Plus is R34 including vat. This particular ribbon is 110mm wide by 91m in length.

Label Editing Software

The majority of Barcode Label Printers come with software. The Argox range of label printers come with the free version of Bartender (Bartender UL) which allows you to design your labels and print.

The Argox Barcode Printers also come with Drivers and other utilities.

More Argox Models to Print Barcode Labels

The Argox printers are available in different models with different functions and uses. All the below models ship with Bartender UL, Drivers and Utilities. These can also be downloaded from here.

The OS214Plus is an older but still very popular Entry Level Printer. It has USB, Serial and Parallel interface ports.

Argox O4-250

The Argox O4-250 is a newly released model. This printer prints much faster than the OS214Plus and comes standard with USB, Serial and a built in Ethernet port. There is also the option of adding Bluetooth and WiFi modules.

The O4-250 can also be used as a Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal Printer and uses the same size ribbon as the OS214Plus – 110mm x 91m

Argox iX4-250

For high volume printing the Argox iX4-250 is ideal. The printer comes with metal covers and a durable printing mechanism. It also comes standard with USB, Serial and Ethernet ports.

This printer can also be used as Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal and uses a ribbon of 110mm x 450m.

In Conclusion

I hope the above gives you an idea of what it takes to print barcode labels or stickers. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me for more information.

Demo of an Argox X1000V printing labels.

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