Ribbon-Out Displayed On Argox Label Printer

This covers the range of Argox Industrial Label Barcode Printers (X1000V, X2000V, X2300 and iX4 Series)showing the Ribbon-Out message. What to look for to fix the problem.

Ribbon out message normally caused by:

  • Ribbon Finished – Replace with new roll of ribbon
  • Ribbon snapped or jammed – Read more on ribbon breaking.
  • Roll of ribbon turning loosely on the supply spindle causing spindle not to turn.
  • Faulty Ribbon Sensor.

Ribbon Supply Spindle not turning

Ribbon-Out caused by Loose fitting core
Ribbon Supply Spindle

The ribbon sensor detects that the ribbon supply spindle is turning and not the ribbon itself. If the roll of ribbon is turning but fits too loosely on the spindle causing the spindle not to turn you will get the Ribbon-Out message.

To remedy the Ribbon-Out problem

  1. Slightly bend the tabs on the spindle to hold the core more tightly making sure that the spindle turns.
  2. Loosen the tension screw at the end of the spindle until the spindle and ribbon can turn easily. Do not adjust so much that there is no resistance on the spindle or you will have the ribbon unrolling every time the printer stops printing.

If the above steps have not solved your problem please contact JNS Technologies for more help.

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